The navy blazer, a timeless classic in every wardrobe, has secured itself over history as a rather bland -but necessary- staple. Everyone owns one, but really- how exciting can it be?

Here at Blaze-In Sportswear, we set out to break the longstanding tradition of the boring blazer. Our classic English style navy blazers are made of the highest quality worsted wool, with hand stitched detailing, embossed gold buttons, and outstanding workmanship. From the outside, they simply look like a high-end sport coat until…. the reveal.

The brilliant interiors of our blazers are designed to reflect the unique personality of those wearing them. It is a subtle, yet meaningful way to wear your pride, and have the time of your life doing it. Blaze-In recognized the need for people to express themselves both individually and by the proud affiliations that define them.


Blaze-In Sportswear was born with the launch of the Yale University custom blazer created exclusively for the Yale Athletic Department. From there demand for this unique products spread to Greek organizations, schools, and clubs across the country. 


Blaze-In Sportswear believes you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style to wear your proud affiliations. So get out there and Show Your True Colors!