Blaze-In Sportswear Brand Ambassador


Description: As an Ambassador, you will represent Blaze-In and promote the great look and feel within your network. Most important is to influence the sales of Blaze-In products. You will accomplish this by sharing ideas and by direct promotion for which you will be compensated when related sales occur.



Represent Blaze-In with the highest degree of integrity.

Wear Blaze-In apparel, have fun and share our enthusiasm for the stylish, incredibly unique products we create.

Sales engagement:

Provide Blaze-In with any and all input. Share and be ready to champion ideas that promote the brand and product sales (new customers, channels, campaigns, events, products).

Promote direct (see Commission)

Document and submit a schedule of upcoming events and opportunities. Together, we will value the impact and determine the degree of participation.

Participate on scheduled conference calls with the management team, as well as other Brand Ambassadors from around the country.



Ambassador receives a 50% discount on all of their Blaze-In Sports apparel.

Each Ambassador will be provided a dedicated promo/ tracking code.


Commission: The Ambassador can sell Blaze-In Sportswear products as described at in return for a commission to be mutually agreed upon by both parties.

Blaze-In Sportswear grants the Ambassador selling rights through August 31, 2016.

Blaze-In Sportswear shall set the selling prices of the Products and the Ambassador may only sell the Products at the selling prices fixed by Blaze-In Sportswear. See for Product prices.

The Ambassador shall direct buyers to Blaze-In Sportswear website at: for online ordering and processing.

The Ambassador is not required to handle any Product or delivery of it, although circumstances may warrant the Ambassador to complete some Product fulfillment orders.

The Ambassador is not entitled for any compensation for services performed or expenses incurred in connection with this agreement other than is set out in this agreement.

The Ambassador shall not do or permit anything to be done to prejudice the market image of the Products or Blaze-In Sportswear.

The Ambassador shall keep Blaze-In Sportswear secrets, including, but not limited to customer, supplier, logistical, financial, research, and development information, confidential, and shall not disclose them to any third party during and after termination.

Blaze-In Sportswear may accept refunds at its sole discretion which will be deducted from commission.

Commission will be paid once every two weeks on committed orders, as long as the Ambassador is still in good standing with Blaze-In Sportswear.