Frequently Asked Questions 


What size should I order?

This is a very important questsion, because of our return policies:  This blazer is made to your requested size please be careful to order your correct size. Refer to the sizing chart (click here) for help with your sizing.  If you are in-between sizes, please go up a size. 




What is the Return / Exchange Policy?

 (1) It depends if it was (1) purchased from stock (items already in hand and delivered within 3 days)


 (2) ordered from a "Campaign" and then made over a 10-week period.


1.  Items purchased from on-hand inventory and delivered in a few days can be returned or exchanged as long as you pay the necessary shipping costs.

2.  Purchased items from a  "Campaign" are non-returnable and non-refundable.  Because these are custom-made with respect to three unique variables (sizes, lengths and organizational detail), we hope you understand it is like ordering a highly personalized birthday cake:   

Therefore we hope you understand that for items purchased from a "Campaign" there is not really room for a refund or exchange once it is made and delivered.  

But with that in mind, within the first month after arrival customers try on the item and find that either the body size of the intended recipient has changed or they misjudged their size, etc. and need to seek a different size.

So we have created a publicly available Customer-to-Customer Exchange site to allow people to post suggested swaps.
This normally only works well in the first few weeks after all the items of the same organization arrive and people try them on. Typically all recipients from the same organization get their orders within the same 3 days. 

We ourselves also review this Customer-to-Customer Exchange site to see if we may have that size on hand, and will try to match your need. But we typically don’t order extras.
So this site is offered as a service to customers who are looking to exchange one size for another.   We offer the listings as a service, but make no claim that people on the site will abide by its rules.   "Caveat Emptor" applies when using the site.
You can also use any other service such as eBay to list your item for sale on your own terms.
If it is clearly mis-labelled, of course we will provide a refund.  In such a case, please let us know by using our Contact Us form.


How do I find out if an item is in stock?

Click on Size - Choose an Option- on the product page.  All sizes available for order will be listed. 


How do I order online?

Click on your organization on the horizontal menu near the top of the home-page that shows "MEN    WOMEN   KIDS   ACCESSORIES"  . It will direct organizations where we have existing inventory. Then click on your size. If you do not see your organization listed in the drop down menu provided, please visit our Contact Us page and perhaps you can be the instigator of a campaign for that organization!


What is the standard delivery schedule for orders?

If the item is already on-hand it will arrive in about 3 days.  

However, if you are ordering an item that is being offered during a month-long "Campaign" for your organization we submit all orders to be made at the end of that Campaign.   Then, because each is custom-made-to-order for each buyer, we require eight to ten weeks production time from the date we submit all that organization's orders.  At the end of that 10-week period, the items will be shipped to each person or to a central location (depending on the arrangement with the organization sponsoring the Campaign).   


What credit cards do you accept for payment?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.


How will my order ship?

All orders will ship via UPS or FedEx Ground.


How much will I be charged for Shipping and Handling?

Our standard shipping and handling fee for all U.S. orders is $15 for Blazers, $8 for Shorts and Accessories. If you require expedited shipping, please let us know via our Contact Us form.  Customs' Duty fees are buyer's responsibilities for International Shipping.


Do you ship to Canada, or International Destinations?

Yes, we do ship to Canada, and Internationally. International delivery times vary. For estimated times and additional costs please let us know by using our Contact Us form.  Custom's Duty fees are the buyer's responsibility at the time of arrival at their customs locations.


How do I change my shipping address?

You can change your shipping address by going to the Contact Us form with your changes.  We'll confirm the change.



May I send an already existing blazer to you and have you line it with Dartmouth colors?

This is an Interesting thought, but our customer-made blazers are made from best materials all at once:  the swaths of fabric are first checked by our quality control process, the printed lining and embroidered emblems are provided to us to final inspection, and even the buttons are created from pre-approved molds and sent for inspection.  Then they are created to specific sizes based on specific customer orders.  The process of capturing our factory’s output resources requires an order size not smaller than 50 orders.



What does 'Process' Authorize mean on my credit card statement for a blazer I ordered?

 “Process authorize” means that we have place sort of a “hold” for that amount on your card, but we don’t actually collect any money.  Once we know the school’s minimum targeted goals have been met, we then “Process capture”, which actually collects the money.  For example, if for one school, the school's targeted goal for the men’s blazers have been met, those will go forward to be made and shipped.  But in this example, if the school's goals for the minimum order quantity for women’s blazers were not met, would be likely those cards will never be charged, the “Process authorize” would be removed, and an email would go out to the prospective buyers explaining the matter.



Will I be charged sales tax or customs' duties on my order?

 All orders are subject to state tax as required by law.  The exact amount of sales tax applied to your online order will appear in the order review screen once you have entered your zip code. All Canadian orders will be charged sales tax based on Province.  Duty fees on international orders are the buyer's responsibility to pay at the time of delivery.